Vans is dropping a Nightmare Before Christmas collab real soon 5 months ago

Vans is dropping a Nightmare Before Christmas collab real soon

At least, we presume it's soon.

It's the time of year for it and all.

Over the past while, Vans have dropped a few decent collaborations and collections.

There was the Harry Potter collab that gave customers the opportunity to spend an inordinate amount of money on socks. 

There was also the Mickey Mouse collection that coincided with the rodent's 90th anniversary.

Lots going on, much money to spend.

Now though, it's AW19 and that could only mean one thing: a Nightmare Before Christmas Vans collection.

Interested? You better be. Not at all bothered? You're incorrect.

The collab was announced this week via a nice relevant gif of a Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas placard with Vans logo beneath it.

There was also a bat floating around it all to hammer home the whole 'nightmare' aspect.

Further details about the collection have yet to be announced, which means we basically know absolutely nothing about what products are included, when they're coming, or how much they're going to set us back.

All we know is that it's happening - and tbh, right now, that's enough.

You can sign up to the Vans newsletter here to find out exactly when the Nightmare Before Christmas collection is due to drop.