Vogue Williams looks like an actual ANGEL in this stunning yellow gown 1 year ago

Vogue Williams looks like an actual ANGEL in this stunning yellow gown


Okay, could we be more obsessed with Vogue Williams? Probably not to be honest.

Honestly, Vogue Williams would look good in a bin bag.

We're literally obsessed with every single outfit she wears, from the high end designers to the high street steals.

And one of her latest outfits is absolutely no exception.

Yesterday, Vogue shared a snap of herself on Instagram wearing a beautiful yellow dress, and we just love it.

She captioned the snap:

"There’s nothing more cringe to me than doing an over the shoulder shot. I get so awkward and feel like an idiot, I took the hit for a shot of this dreamy dress."

Anyway, we went on to the Valle + Vik website, to have a snoop around for the bright yellow baby.

And sadly, it is very pricey, retailing at £445 (ouch).

It is described on site as follows:

"This floor length wonder is the ultimate beauty and will make anyone feel like a true goddess, with it's super flattering high waist skirt and the halter neck that fastened in the nape of the neck by long silk ties which fall down the length of the back."

Yet another wardrobe winner to ensure you’ll be the best dressed guest at any event - just try not to upstage the bride!"

It is expensive we know, HOWEVER, you could maybe start saving now, and purchase it as a special investment piece before winter?

I mean, it's backless, super silky and yellow - what's not to love?

Plus, if Vogue Williams is wearing it, we're sold.