Vogue Williams just wore the most divine €40 fluffy jumper from Mango, and we need it 2 years ago

Vogue Williams just wore the most divine €40 fluffy jumper from Mango, and we need it

Oh, we are buying this!

Okay, could we be more obsessed with Vogue Williams? Probably not to be honest.


Honestly, she'd would look good in a bin bag.

We're literally obsessed with every single outfit she wears, from the high end designers to the high street steals.

And one of her latest outfits is absolutely no exception.

Earlier today, Vogue shared a video of herself on Instagram stories wearing a beautiful fluffy jumper, and we just love it.


The jumper is pink, whit and beige with a black zebra print, and we actually adore it!

vogue williams

And lads, it's from Mango, which means it's super affordable!

The Animal print sweater is available on site now, from a size XS to a size XL - so there's a wide range.


Oh, and did I mention that it costs just €39.99? Such a good price.

Speaking about Vogue, yesterday the mum of one actually opened up about her plans for baby number two.

At the weekend, the gorgeous Vogue Williams attended the Pride of Britain Awards alongside her husband, Spencer Matthews.

The stunning Irish honey wore a stunning gown by Hasan Hejazi, and looked so INCREDIBLE.


She shared a number of snaps of herself on Instagram, through stories and the grid.

And it seems the pictures got a little bit of extra attention, for an interesting reason.

Vogue got a number of messages regarding the snaps, asking her if she was expecting baby number two.


And because she's so transparent and sound, she responded to the queries, filling her followers in.

"I'be read some comments saying I'm pregnant!"

"I'm not pregnant but hopefully will be next year."

So there you have it.