Vogue Williams just wore a stunning €40 green blouse, and we NEED it 9 months ago

Vogue Williams just wore a stunning €40 green blouse, and we NEED it

How nice is this?

Okay, could we be more obsessed with Vogue Williams? Probably not to be honest.

Honestly, she'd would look good in a bin bag.

We're literally obsessed with every single outfit she wears, from the high end designers to the high street steals.

And one of her latest outfits is absolutely no exception.

Yesterday, Vogue shared a video of herself on Instagram stories wearing a beautiful green polka dot blouse, and we just love it.

"Just going to show off my gorge new shirt," Vogue said in the video.

Vogue was joined by her husband, Spencer Matthews, in the video.

Spencer showed off his new haircut, and the mark on his forehead that came from walking into a door.


vogue williams

Thankfully, Vogue tagged the store where she got the shirt, and after searching, we found it.

And in a glorious turn of events, the green sheer shirt is super affordable - which is nice considering Vogue wears a lot of expensive stuff.

The polka dot shirt comes from The Fashion Dollz, and is just £40 (not to shabby, right?)

It's available in two colours - green with black polka dots, and black with black polka dots.

We love and want them both to be perfectly honest.

They're available in Small, Medium and Large, and is made from 100 percent polyester.

We're ordering both, thanks.