Vogue Williams just wore the most unreal pair of €40 sandals from Zara 3 months ago

Vogue Williams just wore the most unreal pair of €40 sandals from Zara

We need these now, thanks.

So, you may have guessed by now, but we really love Vogue Williams.

Shocking, we know.

Mainly because she's just mad sound, but also because her style is actually flawless.

Plus she has a very cute baby... what's not to love like?

Anyway, yesterday, the lovely Vogue shared a gorgeous snap of herself on Instagram wearing a divine outfit.

And for once, she's rocking a high street piece we can actually afford - hallelujah!

Obviously it goes without saying, she looked incredible.

She captioned the stunning snap:

"I managed to get out of gym gear a couple of times this week! I actually love getting dressed up, saying that I’m currently in gym gear."

In fairness, there's nothing more comfortable that a lovely pair of yoga leggings and a t-shirt.

However, we love seeing Vogue Williams all done up!

In the snap, Vogue is wearing a gorgeous pair of denim shorts from Custom Vintage Dublin, and a Victorian-style white shirt from Muse and Moda.

Both fabulous pieces, but we're really here for the shoes.

The lovely Vogue accessorised her outfit with a pair of brown leather sandals from Zara, and we need them for the summer months.

You know that kind of shoe that just goes with absolutely everything? Yeah, these are those shoes.

They're tan leather flat sandals with criss-cross leather straps on the front, a toe divider and a buckled ankle strap fastening.

All for the delicious price of €39.95. You really couldn't go wrong.