WATCH: Swedish Next Top Model Blasts Modelling Industry In YouTube Video 5 years ago

WATCH: Swedish Next Top Model Blasts Modelling Industry In YouTube Video

Swedish model Agnes Hedengard has hit out at the fashion industry for promoting damaging body standards amongst models.

The 19-year old took to YouTube after being told by countless agencies and fashion brands that she is ‘too big’ for bookings.


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The 5’11 stunner has worked in modelling since the age of 15, but dedicated the past year of her life to trying to break into the industry full-time since coming third in Sweden’s Next Top Model last year. Yet despite her BMI being just 17.5, she says she was told by countless agencies to ‘get in shape’ because of her measurements.

Video: Agnes Hedengård

Pointing out her body and bum, the teen says:

“They think this is too big. They think my butt is too big, and they think my hips are too wide.”

“According to the modelling industry, you cannot look like this. You need to be thinner. I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story.”

The model has since started working part-time as a shop assistant in Stockholm as she failed to secure modelling contracts.


Having tried desperately to meet the standards, Agnes admitted to Swedish women’s magazine Veckorevyn:

“Modelling is more like a part time job now. I gave [the modelling world] a shot for a year – I barely ate and counting calories was a daily chore.

“I’ve had anorexic thoughts, but I’ve fought against them. It’s hard, but if you put all the energy you normally would waste on these thoughts towards loving yourself instead, they can’t hurt you.”


Agnes has now decided to stop pursuing modelling, saying she has accepted that her body is healthy as it is.

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