Waterstones just shared a gift wrapping hack that will literally blow your mind 3 years ago

Waterstones just shared a gift wrapping hack that will literally blow your mind

If your plans for this weekend include wrapping a mountain of Christmas present, you absolutely need to see this.

Wrapping presents is one of those things that people either seem to love, coming up with the most elaborate and beautiful ways to do it – or hate – and will literally put off until the very last minute. In which case, it is often a rushed job, resulting in a sloppily wrapped present that exposes its contents before the recipient even gets around to unwrapping it.


My personal bugbear is when you have cut the paper, got your sellotape ready and then – when you have started – discover that the piece of wrapping paper you cut is an inch too small in either direction, no matter what way you try to turn it.

Luckily, a hack is going viral that solves this, next-level wrapping paper crisis once and for all.

Waterstones, as in the UK bookseller, clearly knows a thing or two about wrapping rectangular objects. And so this week, the kind souls there shared a super short video of their genius wrapping hack on Twitter.

And needless to say, the internet and the people there are seriously freaking out over it.


“This is a public service announcement,” they captioned the 7-second video on Twitter.

Mind. Blown.


And we are not the only ones who are seriously impressed with this nifty hack.

"I was a bookseller for 3 years, wrapped about a million books, and I did not know this. I feel embarrassed and ashamed," one person wrote in response to the video.

Another one admitted:

"This just changed my life."


However, one Twitter user expressed surprise that others did not know about this wrapping hack, writing:

"I lived in Japan where wrapping is an art and they always wrap like this."

What do YOU think, guys? Have you come across this wrapping trick before?