How to dress for the office as the temperatures rise 4 weeks ago

How to dress for the office as the temperatures rise

We got you covered.

The sun is finally here and as much as we'd all love to sit in our back gardens all day and embrace it, duty calls and we have to go to work.


With most of us back in the office, we have to dress like it despite the rising temperatures, and with two summers of wearing gym shorts and string tops while working, we won't get away with it now.

Thankfully, there are ways around the heat in an office despite opening every window and blasting the fans, we have a few outfits that will keep us cool.

Of course, the first one is obviously a big flowy dress. And the flowier the better.


We all stock up on these when it comes to the summer months anyway, but they're a perfect way to beat the heat while still looking office appropriate.

Of course, there are certain dress codes we need to comply with when it comes to work wear, and we can't really get away with wearing the same things we would to the pub on a hot day. But once you're covered where you need to be, these types of dress, short, midi or long, are the best of both worlds.

Wide leg suit pants and a plain t-shirt are not only perfect for this weather in an office, but they couldn't be more office-y if it tried.


You've got the t-shirt which will keep you cool, collected and breezy while the suit pants are the statement. They are flowy so you don't have to worry about getting overheated, and you'll still look work appropriate.

Another great option is linen, of course anything linen is ideal in the heat. Whether you go for a dress, trousers or a linen set, you can't go wrong.

Comfort is key, anything restrictive will have you in a sweat and thankfully, linen does the complete opposite. The material naturally is breathable and you can guarantee you'll never feel sweaty once in an outfit like this.


White jeans are brilliant for casual Fridays. While jeans are usually not the greatest idea in warmer weather, there's something about white jeans that the rule doesn't apply to.

Pairing any pair of white jeans (we recommend wide leg, of course) with a button down shirt, you'll be casual and comfortable. Not only will you feel a lot cooler than if you wore denim or black jeans, but it's also a gorgeous outfit to join the rest of your work crew in a beer garden for and not feel way too overdressed.