Would you wear fake nipples for the sake of fashion? 1 year ago

Would you wear fake nipples for the sake of fashion?

Nipples are having a serious moment.

We all remember THAT episode of Sex And The City. Samantha bravely donned fake nipples which were constantly erect and the world took notice... although she did attract a man-baby which is a whole other article.

It's a funny topic pointy nipples... we're not sure if Irish women are fully on board with the trend. Although sometimes due to freezing offices we're full participants against our will.



The fact is nipples and fashion have been best friends for years, you'll rarely see models walk down the runway with a t-shirt bra and that's fine... but what about in real life? Would you don fake nipples proudly?


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The general consensus at the Her editorial table is a resounding no. So why are we so self-conscious about nipples?

Just Nips is an American company that specialises in fake nipples for women, they promise to make you "look cold while feeling hot"They're available in 2 sizes cold and freezing (we're not joking).

Although we found the whole thing rather hilarious, this company is actually pretty inspiring. Speaking to Refinery 29 Just Nips founder Molly Borman explained that she wants the nipples to be worn by everyone, from members of the trans community to current breast cancer survivors. She's partnering with a breast cancer charity to get self-exam instructions printed on the inside of all of her packaging,

"You're touching your breasts anyway when you put Just Nips on, so I want to spread Breast Cancer awareness and teach women how to examine themselves safely and properly while they're at it,".

You can buy them online for around €10, and if you're not feeling the fake ones display your own proudly.

Let's be honest it's always chilly in Ireland.