What Does Colour Mean In Your Wardrobe? Here's What Wearing Blue Says About You 8 years ago

What Does Colour Mean In Your Wardrobe? Here's What Wearing Blue Says About You

What you wear can say quite a bit about you to the world and we’ve paired up with Dove to take a closer look at colour. 

A splash of colour in your wardrobe is one of the best ways to showcase your personality through your look, but what does choosing a certain colour mean for you?


Below, we take a look at your choice of colour,and what it might indicate about you to the world. Next up, it's blue!

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Those interested in colour pyschology will be able to tell you that blue is often referred to as the colour of honesty, loyalty and trust.


Blue is also thought to convey a sense of reliability, wearing this colour will promote a quiet sense of confidence and security.

It reduces stress and helps those wearing it to feel calmer and more relaxed. Interestingly, the paler the shade of blue, the more freedom it brings.

Blue is seen as enhancing self-expression and enables us to communicate our wants and needs clearly. It is the favourite colour of many people and some believe this is because it is non-threatening and a "safe" colour.

Blue has been referred to as the colour of nostalgia because it is associated with the past.


Whether your shade is navy, cobalt or baby blue, we have put together a couple of different ways to include blue in your day to day wardrobe.

€48, Lancome at Brown Thomas


€10, at Dorothy Perkins



€20, at Topshop



€35 down from €52, at Warehouse



€230, Isabel Marant at Harvey Nichols