Winter skin SOS: 3 of the best face masks for when you finally got five minutes to spare 3 years ago

Winter skin SOS: 3 of the best face masks for when you finally got five minutes to spare

My skin is not a fan of winter.

Between the cold outside and the heated, dry air inside, my face feels tight, irritated and sensitive most days, as it pretty much does this time every year.


Many of us struggle with skin that gets more zapped of moisture in the winter months, and while making sure you drink enough and eat good fats is probably the most important thing you can do (and trust me; I get militant about those in winter), I also think giving my skin some extra love does improve it.

Right now; I am so in love with these below face masks, all designed to help give you the skin you dream of (and banish that flaky winter complexion we all dread):

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I recently tried this cult mask after having a friend recommend it, saying to was her winter skin life-saver. And let's just say this: I'll be ordering it again once this tube runs out. I love how I can apply this on my face and leave over-night, to really saturate my skin with lovely moisture, or use as a 10-minute treat a couple of times a week, to really give my skin a little TLC.


£42.00, Cult Beauty

2. Dr Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask

Confession: I haven't actually tested this one myself, as my skin is far more on the dry side to every really break out in any way, but I have had no less than two friends (one of them a beautician, none the less) swear this mask changed their lives. The mask clarifies the skin by absorbing excess oil, helping to reduce the size of your pores, minimise the appearance of blackheads and improve the overall clarity of your skin – and it can be left on overnight, to work its magic while you sleep.



3. Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Moisture

Welcome to the future – where you don't have to wait around for results, and where even the most busy of us can find time to take care of our skin. Nivea has just launched their range of 1-minute masks (yes, really), and having tested them, I have to admit I was seriously impressed, in particular with this hydration mask, which contains green tea extract and moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid. The mask works in a minute and helps  detoxifiy your skin injection some much-needed moisture.


€8.99, Boots