This is why the world is obsessing over Adidas Gazelles 5 months ago

This is why the world is obsessing over Adidas Gazelles

Yes, please.

Each and every year a new trend comes along, and this year it seems to be Adidas Gazelles.


We are definitely the generation to choose comfort over style and with that came pairing runners with absolutely any outfit we could think of.

Fashion runners have been a thing for many years now, but this phenomenon is something that has taken the industry by storm.

Many of us left lockdown after three months of avoiding heels at all costs, and found ourselves unable to ever go back to that pain. With flats being the way to go, why not make them as comfortable as possible? Starting with Converse, it quickly moved to Vans before the Nike Air Force craze came about (I'm still here for it).


Now, between TikToks, Pinterest and celebrity street style, a new go-to runner has emerged - the Adidas Gazelle.

With a retro style design, the Adidas Gazelle is a mix of everything we've been testing out. The structure of your classic runner mixed with the fabric and design of a canvas shoe, there's something for everyone.

This trend, however, is nothing new. Gazelle's are not a new release, if anything it's another 90s trend making its way back onto the market.


With a 70s inspired spin, the 90s classic is comfortable and light, but also easy to pair with any look. Take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow in her pair, wearing them with suits pants or Kate Moss in the same era pairing hers with baggy pants.

The shoes can be easily elevated, wearing them with workwear or a mini skirt, they work for everything and can dress up or dress down an outfit.

Take a leaf out of Bella Hadid's book, she's been pictured in them wearing jeans while Hailey Bieber has been doing the same, she's also worn them during a recent trip to Italy in a white summer dress, these shoes were made to be the one thing you need in your wardrobe.

If you've been thinking about these, this is your sign.