These Zara joggers are seriously comfy and they have just been reduced to €16 3 weeks ago

These Zara joggers are seriously comfy and they have just been reduced to €16

The Zara joggers we'll be picking up asap.

As a country, we're in the midst of a completely unprecedented situation and life as we know it has been put on pause.

If you find yourself working from home this week, your usual routine has probably changed considerably and it can be difficult to establish a new day-to-day.

It might be tempting to stay in your pyjamas for the foreseeable future but the experts, and people for whom working remotely is the norm, say that getting dressed is key to a successful working from home experience.

Now, dressing smartly to sit at your kitchen table is a bit excessive which is why we're looking for cosy but chic loungewear.

Enter these Zara joggers.

Zara joggers

The Knit Jogging Trousers have been reduced from €29.95 to €15.95 and at the time of writing, there are still numerous sizes left.

Choose from black, beige or a deep shade of midnight blue but be warned, they're not likely to hang around at that price.

There's also a grey shade that's set to be restocked any minute so you should be able to find a pair to suit.

Pop them on with a jumper in a similar colour and there you go, a super comfortable outfit that's not PJs - winning.

Another style staple that deserves a mention is the Ribbed Neck Polo Shirt, priced at €25.95.

It comes in this versatile neutral shade that can be mixed and matched with so much of your pre-existing wardrobe and that's always a sensible reason to purchase.

We love the collar effect, button detail and of course, the affordable price is a major bonus too.

It's just arrived online and is currently fully stocked but a timeless piece like this is sure to sell out before long. Get shopping...