5 podcasts to incite a sense of calm during uncertain times 2 years ago

5 podcasts to incite a sense of calm during uncertain times

Trouble sleeping?

Trouble chilling out? Trouble switching your mind off for even a minute every day due to the constant chaos that has been incited by the Covid-19 pandemic?


You're not alone. But you don't need to suffer in silence, because there are an array of podcasts out there that have the power to chill you out, put you to sleep, or at least make things seem that bit less overwhelming.

Here's five of them.

1. Sleep With Me 

Does what it says on the tin, this one.


Sleep With Me is a show featuring some of the most boring, dull, and meandering stories - sure to distract any racing mind and lull you off to sleep.


2. Wake Up/Wind Down 

Hosted by Niall Breslin (otherwise known as Bressie), this new podcast from Spotify wants to help listeners wake up in the morning and wind down at night - all the while enjoying some perfectly curated tunes.


The mini series is released every morning and evening on the streaming platform and features the dulcet tones of Bressie himself. Sure to relax even the most anxiety-ridden among us.


3. Everything Is Alive 

Not necessarily a podcast strictly for relaxation purposes, but one that has the capacity to do that all the same.


Everything Is Alive is an interview series in which all of the guests are inanimate objects. Hosted by Ian Chillag, the show chats to everything from a can of cola to a subway seat to a pregnancy test.

Featuring voice contributions from a few familiar faces, the series is as soothing as it is funny. A great one to nod off to at night - or distract yourself during the day.


4. Deep Energy 2.0

Not a million miles away from the aforementioned Sleep With Me, Deep Energy 2.0 is an ideal show for anybody who struggles to relax while listening to the chatter of voices.


Featuring relaxing ambient sounds and soothing rhythms, this podcast is sure to calm the mind as well as the body at any time of the day.


5. Phoebe Reads A Mystery

In this podcast, Phoebe - unsurprisingly - reads a mystery.

The incredible and iconic Phoebe Judge has brought her warm familiarity to the podcast sphere as she reads Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair At Styles.

A combination of true crime and meditation, if you will.