You can now have your say on which emojis you want added to your phone 3 years ago

You can now have your say on which emojis you want added to your phone

Which one's would you like to have?

Whether you're a fan or not, emojis continue to be hugely popular across mobile phones and social media pages.

And while we have our favourites, such as the crying-laughing guy or the nail polish hand, there are some in our keyboard which seem just a bit pointless.

We've all looked at the useless emojis and wondered who the hell decided they were a good idea if you've even noticed them at all, like the two different folder emojis eight different they provide for copy books.

EmojiRequest have come up with a way for you to make sure the emojis coming to your phone are the ones you want by providing a voting system.

The choices range from everything from country flags which aren't on the keyboard yet to a dinosaur.

The current most voted for emoji is the 'Shhh' emoji, and while we can understand why that would be used, we can't help but think that it would be just as quick to actually type Shhh in a text.

Here are the most requested emojis so far, with the Shhh emoji gaining over 4000 votes.


EmojiRequest aren't associated with Unicode,who are in charge of creating the actual emoji keyboard on your phone, but this voting system could help to them show what emoji users really want.

Here's are some of the other favourites.


What would you love to see in emoji form on your phone's keyboard?

You can vote here.