You can now send voice messages on Instagram with the new update 2 years ago

You can now send voice messages on Instagram with the new update


Instagram is a very popular app.


The reasons for its popularity range from the array of filters on offer at any given time to the ability to quell your desperate need for attention from strangers on the internet.

And as if you didn't need another reason to spend half your life on that app, now you can send voice notes on there too.


Just picture yourself there now, chilling out, having just posted a fire selfie, watching the likes roll in, only to discover that your ex's new girlfriend has commented on your pic with the unthinkable - thumbs up emoji.

You're angry, you're confused, you're unable to comprehend why this has happened or express your frustrated confusion via text.

You need to speak. You need to be heard. You need to voice your grievances (while also not exiting the Instagram app).


Well, now you can because the latest Instagram update lets you send voice notes through direct messages.


The feature is now available across iOS and Android on the latest update, with the little microphone emoji now present down the bottom of the screen in DMs beside the option to send an image.

The gram will never be the same again.