Don't freak out but the original Game Boy is making a comeback 2 years ago

Don't freak out but the original Game Boy is making a comeback


What did you buy with your communion money?

If it wasn't a Game Boy then you clearly weren't with it. Or eight years old in 2008 when the popularity of the Game Boy was at its highest... whichever.

It's impossible to count how many hours we spent (wasted) blowing air into cartridges, swapping games, and charging up that little lad who actually had a surprisingly long battery life considering.

A long time has passed since the iconic Game Boy has been in our lives, and now, it looks like it's about to make a comeback.

Gizmodo reports that Hyperkin is creating a version of the original Game Boy that will cater to all of your early-2000s kid needs.

It's still in the development stages, and isn't an official Nintendo Game Boy, but it's modelled off the classic Game Boy, is handheld, and uses all your old game cartridges.

To be honest, it's as close to the original thing as we're probably ever going to get.

And it looks pretty legit.

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The 'Ultra Game Boy' (yes, that is what it's called) will be made of aluminium instead of plastic giving it the ability to last longer.

The company is hoping to have the product on sale by this summer so we won't even have to wait all that long to dust off all those Pokemon cartridges we have obviously been saving for all of these years.

Apparently, the Ultra Game Boy will retail for less than $100 too.

Not bad for the ultimate orginal handheld experience.