We finally get to see what the red head emoji looks like 2 years ago

We finally get to see what the red head emoji looks like

Red heads rejoice!

One of the most requested emojis has to be a red head emoji. We used to just have a generic emoji with yellow hair and then some time back they introduced different skin tones and hair colours.

One gaping hole was that red heads weren't represented in emoji form. That's all about to change as we finally have the first glimpse of a red head emoji.

Jeremy Burge, who is on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, has given a very positive update on this emoji. He says it's the first real candidate to be selected for final approval for the emoji world. They've had other versions in the past which haven't gone past the final stages to become a 'final emoji candidate'.

And at this stage it's almost certain to be the one. Jeremy told Today.com, “in the past, the majority of emoji candidates have been approved.”

He added:

"Redheads have been a highly requested addition.

The implementation raises questions like which emojis should be able to have red hair, and if red hair is added, what about other hair colors or styles? The current approach is to use a flexible system, which could allow any emoji to be given red hair, although no recommendations have yet been made on which emojis should be given a red hair option.”

Also included in the new updates, which are expected to be available in 2018, are a host of other different hair styles and colours.