Gmail's self-destructing emails are now coming to phone apps 2 years ago

Gmail's self-destructing emails are now coming to phone apps

Need to send a top-secret message?

Back in April, Gmail brought out their confidential email feature which lets you send people emails that will then delete themselves on a date of your choosing.

The feature also stops the recipient of the email from forwarding, copying and pasting, printing, or downloading what's in the email.


You want to feel secure sending that hideous passport photo to someone without the fear that they'll drag it up several years down the line.

If you want even more protection, you can add a password that the recipient will need to enter to open the email. Gmail will send the password by text to their phones.

Up until now, the feature was only available on the computer but now Google have brought it to Android and iOS devices. So you can start sending your secret emails with abandon.


Now, keep in mind that it's not 100 percent foolproof -  whoever you're sending the email to can still take a screenshot.

So, you know, don't be sending any risqué emails to people you don't entirely trust. But really you probably shouldn't be doing that anyway.

If you want to send a confidential email from your phone, just click those three dots at the top corner of your email and set it to "confidential mode" and you're set to go.

Even if they haven't figured out a way to get around the screenshot problem, we still appreciate that Google is trying to give us a bit more security for our information.

Almost makes you believe that the internet can be private. Almost.