Good news! Male sex robots with bionic penises will be available soon 2 years ago

Good news! Male sex robots with bionic penises will be available soon

Sex robot creator Matt McMullen is creating a realistic-looking male robot complete with a bionic penis that he hopes will be available for sale sometime later this year.

The robots will also come in a variety of appearances and, er, sizes.

And the CEO of Realbotix says the bionic penis will be "better than a vibrator". Owners of the male robot will be able to charge up their "man" by plugging him in to an electrical socket allowing it to go "as long as you want".

The male robots retail for around €12,500  and come with an app that allows the robot to talk and learn. Mr McMullen said: "We have a lot of female customers interested in buying male robots as companions to talk to and interact with."

Realbotix makes realistic dolls and moved into the sex robot market last year with the launch of a female version. The female sex robots were so successful the company decided to make a male version.

Caroline West, scholar in sexuality studies at DCU, saw some of the sex dolls at the Porn Awards in Vegas.

"They do feel realistic to the touch although they don't look real. The seller told me he and his wife often brought a doll to bed for a threesome, which certainly avoids a lot of awkward conversations like sleep arrangement discussions and uncomfortable goodbyes in the morning."

Ms West says that there is no need to panic that the sex dolls will replace real life men.

"With 8 billion people on the planet, its a case of different strokes for different folks. And with the arrival of sex robots, some of those strokes will be mechanical in nature.

"There are many reasons why people use mechanical devices for sexual gratification, ranging from exploration of desire, curiosity, trauma, or simple sexual pleasure."

"We need to move past fear mongering and encourage open dialogue about sex and whats healthy and consensual for each individual, even if it doesn't turn us on personally."