It looks like there could be another big change coming to Snapchat 5 years ago

It looks like there could be another big change coming to Snapchat

The redesign hasn't gone down well with fans.

And while it may be here to stay, it looks like the folks behind the app are working to test one of the bigger issues in the update.


The recently released version makes it near impossible to find the stories that you actually want to watch.

So many people have become unhappy with the app's redesign that Snapchat has been getting a constant stream of one-star reviews in the App Store since it was released.

There's even been a petition started, demanding that the company reverse the update. It's gotten more than a million signatures so far.

And many fans began to worry that the update would stick after Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said he was quite happy with the redesign.


However, according to Mashable, the latest beta version for the app hints that the company could be adding a new section for Stories.

The new look would see the app's Friends section get divided into three tabs: Groups, Stories and All.
While All would be the kind of default Stories feed users see now, Groups and Stories would definitely be a welcome change for many of the social media platform's users.
They are also bringing in a new feature for GIF stickers - similar to what Instagram already offers - and the ability to set a default skin tone for emoji.
It's worth noting that the fact that the features in beta doesn't necessarily mean they'll make it to the final version of the app.
But we can definitely hope.