This new luggage could make travelling so much easier 4 years ago

This new luggage could make travelling so much easier

This could actually make airports fun!

Going on holiday is always hugely exciting, one of the biggest reasons being that you are probably going on a relaxing break.


The only thing that isn't relaxing about holidays is the travelling. From stressful airport checks to lugging a heavy bag around, no one enjoys the process of actually getting on that plane.

That's why a genius startup company have come up with the Modobag - motorized, rideable luggage.

Simply sit yourself onto your packed bag and cruise through the airport in style.

The suitcase has an indoor speed of 5mph and an outdoor speed of 8mph.

However, the ability to drive your luggage isn't the only benefit as it is also fitted with GPRS-GSM tracking devices. This means that if yours goes missing, you can use your phone to find out where it's hiding. Which we personally think is even handier than the fact that it can be used as a scooter.

According to the company, over 30 million bags are misplaced while traveling every year, so plenty of people could do with this device.

It also has dual USB charging ports which could be a life saver if your phone dies and you need to text your mam to tell her you've arrived safely on your holiday.


Before you get incredibly excited about owning one in every colour (it only comes in black for now), be aware that one Modobag will set you back €895! Yikes!