Over a billion people affected by Yahoo hack 3 years ago

Over a billion people affected by Yahoo hack

Have you been affected?

Yahoo has said more than a billion users may have been impacted by a hack that occurred in 2013.


This hack is said to be unrelated to the one reported in September which saw 500 million accounts compromised.

The hack means that Yahoo users' email address, phone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords, and possibly the answer to security questions, both encrypted and unencrypted were stolen.

"Yahoo believes an unauthorised third party, in August 2013, stole data associated with more than one billion user accounts," a statement said.

A security official from Yahoo said that bank account details were not stored on the system that was affected.

If you're concerned that your account may have been affected, Yahoo suggests you review your account for suspicious activity.

However, Yahoo has said that it will notify everyone it thinks was impacted by the hack.