People are really, really not happy about Instagram's newest feature 3 years ago

People are really, really not happy about Instagram's newest feature

It's not going down well.

Over the last few months, Instagram have made a number of changes to the app.


Some of them were very welcome, while others...well, not so much.

Eagle-eyed social media users have now noticed a new feature introduced to the photo-sharing app, and they're really not happy.

It turns out that a new icon on your profile will display your Facebook notifications.

It was first flagged by a Reddit user, who explained that they had been using the "pre-release beta of Instagram".

Based off Twitter, though, it appears to have become more wide-spread.

The newest icon, a box with the Facebook 'F' inside, appears to only function to alert users of new notifications.

When you tap on it, it launches the Facebook app - or prompts you to link your accounts, if they aren't already.


It's not immediately clear if the icon is showing up on all Instagram accounts.

However, those that do have it are really, really not happy.



Others, however, think that Facebook's newest addition may not be so bad.

One Twitter user pointed out:

"At first I was annoyed that Facebook have added their notifications to my Instagram account.

"But now it means I don't have to check Facebook at all unless I get a notification on Instagram!

"I don't think that was their plan..."