Pinterest has launched a mental health initiative in Ireland, and it sounds brilliant 3 years ago

Pinterest has launched a mental health initiative in Ireland, and it sounds brilliant

This is brilliant.

Pinterest has just announced that it is expanding its collection of emotional well-being activities that people can do right from the app to nine additional countries including Ireland, as well as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.


Gorge news.

First launched in the US in 2019, each evidence based, well-being activity offers people who may be feeling anxious or sad with an interactive way to try to improve their mood, from tools to help someone relax to self-compassion exercises.

People will see a prompt to explore these activities when they search for things like “stress quotes,” “work anxiety” or other terms that indicate they might be feeling down.



These guided practices were created with the help of emotional health experts at Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, and with advice from Samaritans, Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

The experience is not meant to replace professional care, but it may help someone if they need support.

Over the years Pinterest has worked with experts to make it easy for people in distress to access supportive resources.

Together they wanted to create a more compassionate, actionable experience that tries to address a broader emotional spectrum of what Pinners may be looking for.


This experience is one of the new things that Pinterest are trying in an ongoing effort to make the app an inspiring and welcoming place for everyone.

How nice is that?