PSA: The new Galaxy Z Flip phone is coming to Ireland this month 2 years ago

PSA: The new Galaxy Z Flip phone is coming to Ireland this month

Name a more iconic piece of technology, we dare you.

If you were a teenager in the mid 2000s, chances are you had a flip phone.


Sleek, stylish, and entirely dramatic, the flip phone completely decimated the mobile market upon its arrival, as every single person in the country binned their regular old phones for a device that didn't just remain stationary... but flipped. 

Suddenly, they were the talk of the town. A phone that could be two things at once, often containing multiple screens and a call-answer function that meant you didn't even have to press a button anymore.

You just flipped. 


And then, just like that, the flip phone was gone - lost to the ether as more sophisticated devices arrived, making them null and void until the end of time.

That was, until, this month, because Samsung are releasing a new flip phone and they might just be about to change the game forever.

The utterly stunning and totally nostalgic Galaxy Z Flip has got a one of a kind foldable glass display, a 6.7 screen, and a flexible camera to give users that full flip phone experience.

The phone is coming to Three Ireland stores this month, but if the coronavirus is stopping you from getting there (likely), don't worry because the phone will also be available to purchase online.


“At Samsung, we are delighted to partner exclusively with Three to bring the Galaxy Z Flip to the market in Ireland," said Conor Pierce, corporate vice president of Samsung UK and Ireland.

"There is an increasing desire in the market for innovation and future-proofing technology and we believe that this phone does just that. The unique design is redefining what a mobile experience is."

The phone itself is, unsurprisingly, going to set you back quite a bit of cash though.


Retailing at a considerable €1,520 on the Samsung online store, there will no doubt be a lot of questions as to why one wouldn't purchase an iPhone or another Android device.

Because those phones don't flip, is the answer, surely.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be available in limited quantities in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, from March 27.

You can find out more over on Three Ireland here.