We REALLY value our time, so here’s how to manage the hours we spend on our phone 3 years ago

We REALLY value our time, so here’s how to manage the hours we spend on our phone

Brought to you by Nokia 7.1

The average Irish phone user picks up their phone 55 times a day. Twenty percent of us check our phone within five minutes of waking, while half of us Irish adults believe our partners use their phones too much.


It's easy to see how our own personal downtime, our relationships and our must-do tasks might not get the love they deserve then.

We want to get things done but we don’t want to burn ourselves out either. That means learning how to set aside quality time, focusing on what really matters and getting used to healthy habits.

There is however an easy way to make tech a part of our life rather than our whole life.

Google's digital well-being feature is available now for our fave phone, the Nokia 7.1.


The dashboard gives you a clear picture as to how often you use your mobile and for what purpose, counting the number of notifications you receive and how much time you spend on individual apps.

It means we can become more conscious of how many YouTube videos we're watching and how long we've spent scrolling through Instagram.

Being connected can be a positive - in some ways it's a wonderful thing to be just a button-press away from talking to someone on the other side of the world - but being constantly plugged into this tiny device in our pocket can take its toll.


Everyone needs their rest; everyone needs to take a break.

With the Digital Wellbeing feature, you can restrict your usage of certain apps (love some secondhand self-control), plus it includes a wonderful Wind Down feature that reminds you when it's time to get a little bit of shut-eye (we need that beauty sleep!).

The Wind Down feature also limits notifications before bed so you don't get caught up in your friends' WhatsApp debate at 1am, and it gradually changes the display screen to a greyscale blend of black and white to make everything easy on the eyes.


With the new Digital Wellbeing Feature, we can make sure that we're using our phones in the best way possible and can go about our modern lives guilt-free.

Phones are a part of life now, there's no point in either denying or avoiding that. They are such an amazing commodity as long as we learn to use them properly. Life is there to be lived - your phone should be helping you not hindering you.

Check if your phone includes Google's Digital Wellbeing feature. If not, you might want to scope out a phone that does - the Nokia 7.1 is all about digital wellbeing and the perfect phone to pick up if you want to learn how to use your phone in the best way possible.

Once you get a phone that gives you that balance, you'll genuinely feel calmer and find yourself engaging more with people and the things happening around you. Here's to feeling happy!

Brought to you by Nokia 7.1


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