'Snapcrap' is an app that lets you warn people about rogue poo on the road 1 year ago

'Snapcrap' is an app that lets you warn people about rogue poo on the road

Alright, first off - lol.

Second, an app such as this is actually fairly useful if you - like us - are chronically afraid of all things rogue defecate and the possibility that this defecate will accidentally end up on the bottom on your new pair of Balenciaga runners.

It's a tough world out there and we do not endorse it.

Still though, people need to get places and other people are bad at cleaning up after their dogs so chances are if you've ever walked down a road before, you've stepped in dog shit.

It's crap (oi oi), but it happens. It just does.

It might not happen for much longer though because someone's gone and developed an app that'll warn you when there's poo about.

It's called 'Snapcrap' and we are in dire need of a download.

Except, this app doesn't exist for animal faeces, but for human ones. Because yes, this is a glaring issue in some places around the world.

San Fransisco is one of those places that has for some time now been plagued by human poo on the streets.

People have gotten so sick of it that they've decided to start using Snapcrap to alert the Public Works Department as to where to poo is so they can go and clean it up.

Fairly useful piece of technology, in fairness.

The app's creator, Sean Miller, said he developed the app after he moved to San Fran and got sick of stepping in human poo whenever he walked down the street.

He told the LA Times: 

"Pretty much everyone who lives here is pretty well accustomed to seeing this stuff when you’re walking down the street in every neighborhood.

"It’s very frustrating. You should be able to pull out your phone, take a photo and send it to the city to have it cleaned up."

And now you can.

Fair play, Sean.