Tamagotchis are BACK with a twist and we're feeling incredibly nostalgic 3 years ago

Tamagotchis are BACK with a twist and we're feeling incredibly nostalgic

Remember Tamagotchi?

The three-button, egg-shaped digital critter was one of our most treasured (and stress-inducing) possessions growing up.


And now, two decades on from the original craze, the folks behind the toy have recreated the game for Apple and Android phones.

The app, called My Tamagotchi Forever, puts a more modern spin on the 90s toy - and ends up coming across as more of an Animal Crossing-Tamagotchi hybrid.

You still have to look after the needs to the digital critter,  from feeding and washing it regularly to monitoring its levels of happiness.

And it's also brought back some of the...less desirable tasks, like cleaning up after your Tamagotchi.

Yeah. There's a whole lot of poop.

You can also take your Tamagotchi to visit Tamatown, a shopping hub where you can purchase groceries to feed them or clothes for them to wear.


And much like Pokemon Go, the app also has AR - or augmented reality - so you'll be able to spend some time your with your Tamagotchi in the real world.

Using your phone's camera, you will be able to take selfies with your pet (if you want?) or explore areas of Tamatown.

Like many apps nowadays, there's plenty of moments filled with in-app purchases meant to have you shell out real-life funds.


But, thankfully, you can usually surpass them way simply watching an add.

While our Tamagotchi's may have faded out pretty quickly before, we've got a feeling this one will be sticking around a lot longer.