There's a new dating app aimed at Twitter users... but there's a catch 4 years ago

There's a new dating app aimed at Twitter users... but there's a catch

Apps like Tinder, Her, and Bumble having been making dating easier for years now.

However, so much choice can almost make the whole thing even more stressful.


As well as this, catfishing has become a serious problem, leaving us all susceptible to fake profiles, heavily edited photos, and dodgy dates with people who just don't look like their pics.

However, a new dating app is trying to eradicate all that fuss, while also helping us meet some celebrities at the same time... the only catch is that you have to be a verified user on Twitter.

'BLUE,' is a new dating app by 'loveflutter,' and it's exclusive to those lucky people on Twitter dot com who happen to have a blue tick beside their name.

Not only will you be able to gauge whether someone's attractive or not, but them being on BLUE will also mean that their content is of public interest... and that they're a real person.



The Loveflutter team are calling their app "the safest dating community ever."

"In an era of catfishing and fake identities, authenticity is key, which is why we’re leveraging Twitter’s world-class verification system to make dating safer.

With nearly 200k accounts verified by government-issued photo id, Twitter’s blue tick community is the largest pool of 100% real users online, anywhere."

Those who are privileged enough to avail of the BLUE app can choose to swipe among like-minded verified users, or the rest of us out in the regular Loveflutter pool.


BLUE is currently rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. A subscription fee is going to be introduced at a later date in line with what users feel comfortable paying.

The company say they have plans to announce more cities soon.