Take note: Europe's cheapest glass of wine can actually be found in Budapest 1 month ago

Take note: Europe's cheapest glass of wine can actually be found in Budapest

Booking yourself a flight now, or?

Europe's actually a pretty cheap place, when you take Ireland and the UK out of the equation.

And France, and some parts of Germany, and Denmark too.

Alright, alright, some parts are cheap and some parts are expensive - fair representative of the world we live in, tbh.

However, being a selection of millennials who aren't paid all that much, chances are you - like me - are always on the look out for the best deal.

The cheapest vintage buy, the best value for money dinner, the glass of wine that's going to set you back the least amount of money when you're on your travels.

And if that's the case, aren't you in luck, because we've only gone and found it for you.

Well, the guys over at Ocean Finance have - but we've got the details, so stand by.

The finance company crunched the numbers in some of the most popular tourist destinations across Europe and discovered that the cheapest glass of wine you're going to get is likely going to be in Budapest.


Their research found that on average, you'd be paying €4.60 for a bottle of table wine while out and about, meaning that you're really only shelling out less than two quid per glass if you play your cards right.

Coming in second place for the cheapest wine was Prague where you'll paying about €5.60, followed by Berlin where you'd be paying about the same.

The study also considered the cheapest beer - for the wine-allergic among us - showing that the spot to head for the cheapest pint is Prague, where you'll spend on average just €1.17 per pint.

The Czech Republic capital is then followed by Budapest, Lisbon, and Berlin, where you'll be paying between €2.40 and €3.50 per pint.

Irish prices never looked so grim.