Mum accidentally names twins after TV show and now wants to change their names 2 years ago

Mum accidentally names twins after TV show and now wants to change their names

Honestly, I don't think it's that bad.

When people hear my children's names (Eric and Alice) they assume that I named them after my favourite Disney character.


This is not the case though, they just happen to be names that belonged to relatives of mine or my husband. In any case if I had named my daughter after my favourite Disney character she would be called Tinker Bell.

Another mum recently spoke about having a very similar problem, where she named her children names she just liked but she's worried everyone will think she has named them after a TV show.

The embarrassed mum took to parenting forum NetMums where she told fellow users of the site that she accidentally named her children after a TV show and is worried that she will never hear the end of it.


"I needed some advice, I have six month old twins which I named Charlie (boy) and Lola.

Don't get me wrong I love both the names but I feel like a made the wrong decision and I always get awkward reactions when people ask.

I am due to go and register them soon and am feeling under pressure to make a decision by then.

I am worried about them being laughed at because of the programme 'Charlie and Lola'."

She goes on to say that her partner thinks she is over reacting and a lot of the parents in the comments felt the same.

"I'll be honest and say it shouldn't really matter why you named your children what you did, whether it's linked to a TV programme, book or song title or it just jumped out at you as a name you loved, that's totally your business."


I'm her partner and the other NetMums users on this one. I don't really see why anyone would tease her or her children for having the same names as a couple of TV show characters.

To be honest my kids love the fact that there are characters in films and books that have the same names as them so her kids will probably love that there is a show with their names when they're older.