The 10 most popular girl names for October babies 5 months ago

The 10 most popular girl names for October babies

The name Rosie is just too charming for words.

Picking a name for your daughter can be pretty tricky when there are so many adorable options out there.


From floral names and vintage names to Irish monikers. There are just too many choices on our lists. Sometimes it feels impossible to whittle it down.

Turning to baby name lists can often inspire new parents and may even lead you to the perfect moniker.

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed the most popular names for baby girls born in October and some of the cutest names made the top 10.

You can check out the list of adorable monikers below.


Did your daughter's name feature?


Olivia has been one of the most popular names for a baby girl for years now. The charming moniker means 'olive tree'.



Another classic option for your tiny tot. Amelia means 'striving'.


Short names have been growing in popularity in recent years. Isla is a lovely option for your girl. It means 'island'.



Ava is of Hebrew origin and means 'life and lively'. Pretty perfect for your bundle of joy.


If it's good enough for a princess then it's good enough for your little girl. Mia means 'beloved and darling'.


A popular flower name that is simply charming. Lily signifies purity.



This has to be one of our all-time favourite names. Rosie means 'fame'.


The name Florence is of Roman origin. This gorgeous and strong moniker means 'blossoming, flourishing'.


Another popular moniker with parents year-round. Emily means 'hardworking'.


Why not name your little one after the glorious Taylor Swift song? Willow is perfect for your autumn baby. It is of Old English origin and means 'freedom'.

What is your favourite from the top 10? Let us know.