10% rise in number of domestic violence cases reported to Gardaí in 2021 5 months ago

10% rise in number of domestic violence cases reported to Gardaí in 2021

Nine counties in Ireland still do not have refuges for victims of domestic violence.

Gardaí responded to almost 50,000 domestic abuse incidents in 2021 - an increase of 10% since 2020.


While the numbers of incidents reported rose, the number of charges made by the Gardaí also increased.

New provisional figures for 2021 show that Gardaí responded to more than 48,400 domestic abuse incidents in 2021 and brought 4,250 charges for breaches of domestic violence act orders.

There were also 8,600 criminal charges for crimes involving domestic abuse in 2021.

Detective Chief Superintendent Colm Noonan of the Garda National Protective Services Unit said the rise in prosecutions in 2021 shows Gardaí can deal with and fully investigate domestic abuse offences.


In the past month alone - 8 December 2021 to 7 January 2022 - Gardaí say they began prosecutions in 122 domestic abuse cases.

Since April 2020, they have made more than 45,280 contacts or attempted contacts with victims of domestic abuse to offer support.

"Our commitment to vulnerable victims remains resolute," Chief Noonan said in a statement.

"The increase in prosecutions in 2021, both in respect of breaches of Domestic Violence Act Orders and for crimes involving an element of domestic abuse, demonstrates that An Garda Síochána have the capacity and resolve to fully investigate domestic abuse offences and to prosecute offenders.


“The Garda National Protective Services Bureau (GNPSB) and Divisional Protective Service Units (DPSU), now established in every Garda Division, supported by Divisional Victim Service Offices (DVSO) and frontline gardai are available to respond to these crimes and support anyone who needs assistance."

He also urged victims of domestic abuse, or people who know of a family member or friend who is a victim of such abuse, to  make contact with An Garda Síochána.

The rise in numbers now puts pressure on the Government to ensure there are proper facilities for victims of domestic violence, as nine countries still do not have refuges.