10 tattoo ideas that will cast a spell over any Harry Potter fan 2 years ago

10 tattoo ideas that will cast a spell over any Harry Potter fan

They're totally enchanting.

Harry Potter may technically be over - for now - but fans definitely take the series seriously.


With seven books, nine (soon to be ten) films and a two part play in the West End, the fantasy series has some of the most devoted fans across the globe.

And when it comes to tattoos, they're equally as enthusiastic.

Browsing through Instagram under #hptattoo or #harrypottertattoo, there's tens of thousands of inking ideas from fans of the books on how to profess your love for Harry, Hermione or Ron...and even Dobby.

There are also plenty of inking ideas inspired by the Marauders, or even Hogwarts itself.


What more could a Harry Potter fan want, really?

Whether you want to show your love for J.K. Rowling's series, or are just looking for some ink ideas, check out these 10 enchanting tattoo ideas.

Harry's lightning bolt scar


I solemnly swear I am up to no good


Footsteps from the Marauder's Map

An outlined tribute to Hogwarts


Bring the Marauders with you wherever you go

Hogwarts outline with the Harry Potter stars

Harry's glasses on a pile of text books

Your very own patronus

A special tribute to Dobby

Your very own (secret) wand