12 wedding tattoos that we're madly in love with 2 years ago

12 wedding tattoos that we're madly in love with

What a romantic idea!

Weddings are a symbol of a forever kind of love.


You know what else is a symbol of forever love? A tattoo... because those babies are permanent.

That got me thinking about wedding tattoos.

A quirky alternative to a ring, perhaps?

Or a nice addition to your hand, alongside your fab rock.

Either way, I think wedding tattoos are super cool, sweet and tres romantic.

Here are some of my favourites, direct from the Internet:

How about getting the big date tattooed on your ring finger?


What about this cutie? A hug and a kiss perhaps?

The infinity symbol seems very fitting!


Queen and King? Kind of obnoxious, but I'm here for it.

What's the symbolism here? I haven't a breeze, but I dig it.


Keeping things super simple. Loving it.


These are fu*king amazing. I can't deal.

What about tiny matching hearts? I love these so much.

This one clearly has a lot of meaning. He got a wave for his wife, and she got a mountain for her hubs.

Two rings, to symbolise their marriage!

This one seems kind of obvious, but still groovy.

May you hold hands forever, cuties.