These are my 2 go-to products when I'm not bothered wearing foundation 3 years ago

These are my 2 go-to products when I'm not bothered wearing foundation

I always keep them in my handbag.

I'm one of those people that you'll see applying their makeup on Dublin Bus. Waiting for it to stop before I attempt winged eyeliner and trying my best to keep my elbows in so I don't cause a causality to the person sitting next to me.


I'm so bad for giving myself time to do makeup in the morning and usually, I'm also just not bothered to apply a full face of makeup as it's simply tedious and I'm lazy.

Instead, I opt for two hero products. A base and a highlight. The base helps when my skin is blotchy, pimply or I just want to look more awake. And the highlight gives me that dewy look we are forever chasing.

I use Avène tinted moisturiser. Not only is it hydrating for the face but, it also has a little coverage and it blends so easy you can literally apply it with your fingers.

It's also got an SPF 50 which is hard to find in any tinted moisturiser or foundation and lastly, Avène Thermal Spring Water is in it too - which I also adore. The water helps to soothe sensitivity and inflammation and having it within this product is amazing.


Lastly, it's about €15 meaning you don't have to feel bad for lathering it on daily.

Then for the highlight I use something real dewy. The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in Goldgasm.

I find this product amazing. It has a sponge top for applying it to your cheeks, nose and upper lip plus, it has a high gloss finish meaning you look forever radiating!


A kiss from the sun.

Again, this can literally be dabbed in with your fingertips making it ideal for public transport applications and work dashes.

You can purchase it here for €35.


Aside from that I finish my quick fix look with a little mascara, Vaseline, a flick of some eyebrow gel and some winged eyeliner if it's a special occasion.

Sorted in less than 10 minutes!