5 hairstyles for when you haven't washed your hair in days 1 year ago

5 hairstyles for when you haven't washed your hair in days

Make the most of those in-between days.

"I haven't washed my hair in a week," I proudly tell a friend.


"Same," she responds. "I'm gonna go for a bulk shower later."

By bulk shower she means the works - body-wash, shave and of course, shampoo and conditioner.

Since the world went into lockdown many of the women in my life - myself included - have indulged in the low maintenance lifestyle. Instead of washing my hair every second or third day, I've been testing my limits. During the darker days of the pandemic I'd see how long I could go without being repulsed by myself.

My current record is eight days.


To tell you the truth, daily hair-washing feels like a bit of waste in a pandemic. In fact, hair experts maintain that just twice a week is optimal for healthy hair.

However, those in-between days can be hard to navigate. With that in mind, I've put together the top five hairstyles for when it's been a while.

1. Double Dutch braids

This is my personal go-to for when I want to hide my hair. Simple but effective, these braids will stay in put throughout the day. They're also dead-handy for workouts. For a cohesive look, try and maintain the same technique for both plaits.


2. Low ballerina bun

If you're comfortable rocking a centre-part, then this one is for you. Embrace your ballet dancer with this look, just make sure that your ponytail is tight and your bobbin is thick. This strong base will help keep your bun together.


3. Rolled 1920's updo

This vintage look is actually surprisingly easy. To further hide unwashed hair you can easily incorporate your favourite headband into this look.


4. Dutch Crown Braid


If cottagecore is your desired aesthetic then this one's for you. The crown braid takes a little more time than some of the other hairstyles on this list, so be patient with it. For a seamless look, use a clear elastic to secure the end of your plait.

5. Space buns

This one is a little bit out there, but it's dead handy for adding volume to lifeless hair. Don't fret if they don't look perfect - messy is part of this look's charm.