'Hair expert' reveals how often we should really be washing our hair 2 years ago

'Hair expert' reveals how often we should really be washing our hair

Very interesting.

Lockdown has led me down many a TikTok rabbit hole but recently (especially since it doesn't look like the salons will open until May) I've been watching a lot of hair hack videos.


Among the ones to pop up in my feed was one from a hair expert answering what she says is her most asked question.

The question being how many times should we all really be washing our hair each week.

The video was uploaded by Alexa Serowik, who has pretty fantastic looking hair so I was interested to know what her advice would be.


So often exactly does Serowik recommend washing your hair during the week?

Yep that's right, Serowik only recommends washing your hair twice a week to keep it healthy.

Now while this may come as a shock to anyone who is used to washing their hair every day, as someone with curly hair I've been living by this advice for awhile.


Our hair needs its natural oils to keep it looking shiny but if your hair type is coiled or curly then its a lot harder for the oils to travel down your hair strands like it needs to.

If I washed my hair every day it would just become super dry, so while I shower every day, I stick on a shower cap for the days I don't want to wash my hair.

Saying that, while I think Serowik's advice is good and I've heard it recommended before, when it comes to hair, it really depends on what is best for the individual.


Some people have oily prone hair that needs to be shampooed more often while others who have very curly or afro hair probably want to go less often than once a week for the health of their hair.