6 products you should try from Glossier now that it is shipping to Ireland 2 years ago

6 products you should try from Glossier now that it is shipping to Ireland

Glossier has finally landed.

The beloved brand has become a firm favourite among beauty fans for their “skin first, makeup second” philosophy.

Their fuss-free approach to beauty (and their millennial pink packaging ) has led to a huge cult following across the globe.

The brand has largely only been available in the US and parts of Canada since it launched in 2014, but confirmed some brilliant news for Irish and UK fans of the brand last year - which we've eagerly been waiting for.

It was announced last year that they would be shipping to the UK in October, before finally launching their online shop this past week.

But we were even more delighted when we found out that Glossier would be shipping to Ireland (which they officially began on May 15).

So, to celebrate the occasion that is definitely going to have our makeup drawers brimming with new products, we've made a list of our six favourite products from the skincare brand.

Cloud Paint

It's one of the company's latest additions, but it's been earning rave reviews since they debuted it at the Oscars this year.

The gel-cream blushes come in four shades, giving your cheeks a natural flushed look.

Cloud Paint costs £15 for one£25 for a duo. 

Boy Brow


Glossier was inspired by "health, face-framing brows" when it came to putting together the beloved Boy Brow.

The product comes with an easy-to-use teeny-tiny brush that thickens up your brows, while still maintaining a soft, flexible hold.

Boy Brow costs £14

Balm Dotcom

The Balm Dotcom has a flavour that works for just about every mood, from rose to birthday cake and just about everywhere in between.

The universal skin salve contains beeswax and castor oil to keep your skin hydrated and conditioned - and will have you wanting to collect them all.

Balm Dotcom costs £10 for one, £25 for a trio. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser has become a firm favourite online due to its ability to dissolve the toughest of makeup.

The gentle and lightweight skincare product is made with a blend of five skincare conditioners, leaving your face feeling fresh and smooth.

Milky Jelly Cleanser costs £15. 

Stretch Concealer

Glossier's stretch concealer is made with elastic micro waxes the move with your faces, rather than turning cakey.

The concealer, which comes in five different shades, adapts to skin pigments for a natural coverage and can be used under eyes or over blemishes.

Stretch Concealer costs £15. 


The dew effect highlighter comes in three different shades - Quartz, Moonstone and Topaz - and is just out of this world.

The dual-delivery formula, with an outer halo infused with "genuine crystal extracts" and a solid oil core of vitamin-rich moisturisers, will give you a dreamy glow.

Haloscope costs £18.