7 beauty hacks you can do with your favourite hand cream (yes, really) 1 month ago

7 beauty hacks you can do with your favourite hand cream (yes, really)

Handy (excuse the pun!)

I think most of us have a hand cream lying around.

I have one in every hand bag I own, one on my desk in work and one beside my bed.

You just never know when dry skin will strike.

And as wonderful as soft and supple hands are, it turns out that hand cream actually has a number of uses.

Some of the uses are kind of obvious, and some are weird.

But the key is - they all actually work!

Check out these beauty hand cream beauty hacks:

beauty hacks

1. Repair the Look and Feel of Split Ends and Dry Hair.

If you pop some hand cream into those pesky dry ends, you'll transform them. Don't over-do it though my dear

2. Tame Static in Clothing.

You know that annoying static you get from wearing tights? Whatever you're wearing just seems to stick to the tights. Well, if you rub hand cream on your hands and then onto the tights, the static will vanish!

3. On-the-Go Makeup Remover.

We've all been there! You have a dodgey smudge of mascara under your eye, and you have no makeup remover! However if you dab a bit of hand cream on, and wipe it off - the mascara will vanish. Problem solved.

beauty hacks

4. Cuticle Oil Alternative.

If your cuticles need some TLC, lash on the hand cream. Sure it won't be quite as effective as oil, but it does the job.

5. Remove Stuck Rings.

There is nothing like the sheer panic you feel when you can't get a ring off. All of a sudden you feel very claustrophobic! But if you use a generous helping of hand cream, those babies should slide right off.

6. On-the-Go Shoe Polish.

Okay this is a weird one! Picture the scene: you're on the way to an important meeting or interview, and you look down to find that your shoes are looking grim. Leg it to the bathroom and apply hand cream like a shoe polish. A quick but handy hack.

Side note: my hand cream of choice is Crabtree & Evelyn, which I use for literally all of the above.