9 Disney-inspired tattoos which are totally magical 3 years ago

9 Disney-inspired tattoos which are totally magical

Which one is your favourite?

Okay, you will learn very quickly that I am a MASSIVE Disney fan.


Literally, I'm talking the most die hard of the die hard - and I'm not afraid to show it.

About two years ago, I made my love of Disney more permanent, in the form of a tattoo.

Yep, I got the African symbol for "Hakuna Matata" inked on my left wrist.

I could not love it more.


And I won't lie, there are definitely more Disney-inspired tattoos in my future.

Which brings me here, talking to all of you lovely people.

I'm constantly looking around the web for tattoo inspiration, screen-shotting the stuff I like.

And I decided to share my findings with you gorgeous humans.


Thank me later.

Firstly, how sweet is this little Cinderella castle? NEED.


This little Alice in Wonderland tattoo is just precious.

Ladies, if Minnie Mouse is your favourite character, this might be the tat for you.

Or, if you love Minnie and Mickey, why not get them both?


Also, can we just take a moment for this cute little Simba tattoo?

Sign me up.

Oh, so this the African symbol for Hakuna Matata , and it's very similar to my own!

How groovy?

Okay, this teeny tiny Tinkerbell has me.

I need this Disney-inspired tattoo immediately.

My heart exploded when I first saw this Winnie the Pooh tattoo.

I can't explain it, I just got weirdly emotional.

Finally, how stunning is this sketched Bambi tattoo?

I need it in my life.

Well ladies, there you have it!

The best Disney-inspired tattoos on the Internet.

Stay magical.