A MAC makeup vending machine exists and just LOOK at it 4 years ago

A MAC makeup vending machine exists and just LOOK at it

The dream.

Makeup vending machines may not be a new concept, Benefit has had them for a while but that doesn't mean we get any less excited when a new one pops up.


MAC makeup vending machines are here and we're not even joking, this is real life.

Dominic Skinner, Global Senior Artist for MAC, shared the below snap and it appears to be full of mini MAC treats.

There aren't many details on the vending machine as of yet but it does say London and autumn winter 2018 so we're going to guess this photo is from London Fashion Week.


The autumn-winter 2018 shows are currently in full swing and what better place to debut a vending machine full of dreamy makeup.

Unsurprisingly, people have been going crazy in the comments and everyone wants to know when, where, how, why and what.

Total side note but if you're not following Dominic, you really should be as you'll get a sneak peek at new products and all the latest trends.


Here's hoping MAC vending machines become a thing and quickly too...