Aideen Kate just created the most INSANE beauty look inspired by Taylor Swift 2 years ago

Aideen Kate just created the most INSANE beauty look inspired by Taylor Swift


So as we all kind of know, Aideen Kate is a whopper fan of Taylor Swift.


In fact, she's heading off to see Taylor in Paris soon and she's a clearly very bloody excited.

(We don't blame her like!)

So, she put together this insane makeup look inspired by Taylor's new album Lover.

She captioned the incredible snap on instagram:

"Oh hey there. @taylorswift new album ‘lover’ is out today so I just had to do this! @universalmusicireland are flying me out to Paris soon for an exclusive gig for the new album and I am soooo excited!"

"Thanks to @itsgillen for helping me out on this one too hehe. Lots of little hidden Easter eggs in this one for yas - tag yourself I’m Meredith. Ps: Trying to write backwards in fancy writing is extremely difficult. Feel free to tag Taylor Incase she sees!"

Pretty impressive, right?

Here's all the little easter eggs that are hidden within the work of art Aideen Kate created...

The flowers in the background are a mimic of the flowers in the background at the Lover album launch (see pic):

She had to write Lover BACKWARDS on her chest because she was doing it in the mirror

The cats in the image are Taylor's actual cats, Indy and Eliehsen. Mad.

The number '13' under Aideen's ear is Taylor's favourite number, and if you Google Image search 'Taylor Swift 13' you'll see that she herself writes the number 13 on her hand at her gigs. The 13 is the exact 13 Taylor has written on her own hand.

The blue hair is a nod to Taylor's album artwork, where her hair is dyed blue at the end

To achieve the look, Aideen had to do two makeup looks and mesh them together.

Well, we're impressed.