The gorge Aimee Connolly has released the HANDIEST makeup product 3 years ago

The gorge Aimee Connolly has released the HANDIEST makeup product

Guys this is AMAZE!

Once you line the perfect pout, you’ll never look back... just ask multi award winning makeup artist Aimee Connolly!


Having spent the past two years developing the holy grail of lip liners, Aimee’s back and ready to change the beauty game once more with a stunning collection of retro inspired Lip Quads.

And I'm obsessed.

Remember those pens you had in school that had four colours? Yeah, it's basically that... but with LIP LINER.

Send help, I'm dying.


Click to select your preferred colour, twist to release some product and pucker up to line those lovely lips!

It literally couldn't be easier.


The Lip Quads are available in two colour palettes, The Nude and The Pink Edition.

Each Lip Quad pen features four different lip liners all carefully chosen by Aimee to suit a variety of skin tones, makeup preferences and lip shapes.

The lovely Aimee Connolly also shared some super handy hacks with me, on how to achieve the perfect pout.

"For a Fuller Pout line just outside your natural lip line. We all have a faint white line that we can follow, anything  outside of this looks too unnatural."


You heard her, ladies.

"To help them stay in place longer continue by using a lighter lip liner to fill in the sides and centre of the lip. This will also give a cute ombre effect."

"Make your lip liner the star of the show by filling in your lips with a lighter lipstick or just some balm. Smaller amounts of product will create a bigger effect and also give your lips some texture."


"To keep your lips lasting all day apply your favourite Lip Quad colour all over the lips. This lip stained effect will carry you through from morning til night."

The Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Lip Quads are available to buy online at NOW.

I'm buying one of each, thank you very much.