This app can determine your skin 'age' and we are intrigued 6 years ago

This app can determine your skin 'age' and we are intrigued

Ever wonder if all those fancy face creams that cost a fortune are actually doing your skin any good?


Well look no further, an app called YouCam has introduced a new feature which leaves you diagnose your skin and determine your skin age and health in just one camera click. The analysis works by taking a selfie through the app which then scans your face for areas of wrinkles, spots, dark circles and different textures.

The app recommends that you take a picture in natural daylight in the same place every day to track your skin over the course of a month. The higher you score in each of the four categories, the healthier your skin is.

The number and score you receive is then based on your skins health compared to other users on YouCam's database.

So without further adieu, we here in HER HQ hesitantly decided to try the app and the results are in. Some of us are delira, others including myself who has a skin age of 9 YEARS OLDER....not so much.



So now its over to you, time to check if all those charcoal masks and €70 facials have been doing their job. Give it a go and let us know how you get on by tweeting us @herdotie.