Beauty Fans - Look What's On The Way to Aldi Next Week! 8 years ago

Beauty Fans - Look What's On The Way to Aldi Next Week!

There is a little part of Team that feels we're truly turning into our mothers when we get really excited about a "Special Buy" at a German discount retailer. 

That said, age is no barrier to excitement at a bargain for beauty fans, so we're sounding the klaxon for a special drop coming to an Aldi near you early next week.


We raved on these pages last year about the brand's Lacura Beaded Nail Art Sets, coming in at the can't-believe-it's-only-this price of €4.99.

Caviar nails, first brought to the masses in 2012, are still a trend we can get on board with for a funky nail look - particularly when it comes in at less than a fiver.


Amongst the beauty buys landing in Aldi stores next Monday, February 1st, you'll find two of their Beaded Nail Art Sets.


One, Rainbow, contains two bright polishes and multicoloured beads. The second, Jewel, includes one dark polish and two bottles of metallic beads.

Top tip: keep a bowl or tray underneath when you're applying, so you don't end up on your hands and knees collecting the beads.

Once you've "nailed" your beaded look (yes, we're sorry, it's Monday), snap a pic and send it our way.