5 easy beauty trends to try before this season is out 3 years ago

5 easy beauty trends to try before this season is out

It's been a weird couple of months

It's fair to say that we have tried a considerable amount of beauty trends this season, with everything from glitter roots to charcoal face masks tickling our fancy.


Some work out; some certainly do not, but at least we can say we tried.

So, now that festival and holiday season is coming up fairly soon, and we are finally having a bit of good weather, here are five make-up looks to try before this season is out.

We've had our eye on these for a while now, and with the sunshine due this weekend, it could be the perfect time to try them:

Mermaid eyes

How to: Apply white, pale blue or a soft purple to the inner corners of your eyes. Next, smudge your lower lashes with a soft blue eye liner pencil. Eye primer helps too!



Diamond nails

How to: Apply your polish and then place diamond gems on top with nail glue. Seal everything with a coat of clear polish... or you know, just go to your local nail salon!



Ombré lips


How to: With a dark lipstick, outline your lips and smudge inwards. Next, with a brighter colour, fill in the rest of your lips and violá! Ombré lips.


Embellished braids


How to: Slot in gold and silver rings and cuffs after you have braided your hair. Quick and easy!


Bangs baby

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How to: Please don't attempt this at home unless you want an uneven, tattered fringe! Ask your hair stylists for long, feathered bangs to frame your face.