Best in Dublin? This amazing pedicure left my feet baby soft (and sandal-ready) 6 months ago

Best in Dublin? This amazing pedicure left my feet baby soft (and sandal-ready)

This week marked my last week of work before my holidays – yay!

And so last week, as I was starting to pull out summer dresses and straw baskets, and lay them out over my bed in an attempt to put together the perfect vacay wardrobe, I suddenly noticed that my poor feet, having already been wearing sandals for most of this lovely Irish summer, could definitively do with some TLC.

No, seriously.

While I have been lucky enough to never really suffered with callouses or have hard skin, my feet felt dry, and, probably as a result of always being in my bare feet at home and doing yoga in my bare feet several times a week, just looked, well, a bit grubby.

In other words, not really ready to be displayed in pretty sandals as I sit poolside in Mallorca.

A pedicure was needed – and I knew just were to go.

The MudPie Beauty Cottage in Dundrum is pretty much across the street from my house, and having heard some glowing reviews about the place from neighbours and fellow school mums, I rang them up to book an appointment.

The lovely lady at reception listed me the different options and ultimately suggested the MudPie Champagne & Roses Pedicure, a 75 minute treament for €90 that sounded like the perfect pre-holiday luxury treat for my feet.

And guys –  when they say treat, they mean it.

After being shown to the coziest little nook with these deep armchairs you just dream of spending an afternoon in, another lovely lady brough me a glass of this seriously yum cotton candy champagne cocktail and a stack of magazines. And when you are a busy working mum, you know just how amazing a feeling this is – a couple of hours totally and utterly to myself.

First the therapist removed my old nail varnish, then my feet were soaked in a warm Champagne- and rose-infused bath soak with fresh rose petals – yes. really.

After the soak, a scrub was applied to my feet, and I could practically feel all the dry skin coming off – and the therapist told me the scrub, a peony and pink pepper mix, would both detox my skin and help remove dead skin cells.

baby soft feet

And then comes to most delicious part – after the scrub, my feet were slathered in a rose-scented mask and put into these heated boots, and while I sat back and enjoyed the sensation of this, I was given a neck and shoulder massage so utterly relaxing that I actually fell asleep.

After a while, my therapist gently removed the heatd boots (seriously – imagine having these at home to warm your rozen toes during winter!) and used a rich shea butter cream to give me a leg- and foot massage, as this, she explained, would help hydrate and condition the skin on my feet.

Lastly, my toes were given the a perfect French manicure, and having carefully gotten my freshly pedicured feet into my Havaianas (that I luckily remembered to put in my bag that morning) I tottered home. Now – all set for sandals and sea swims with my gorgeous, baby soft feet!