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Just as fab as you'd expect.

Blake Lively attended the Los Angeles screening of her new film All I See Is You last night and all eyes were on her new hair.

The actress debuted a 'lob' hairstyle which is a major change from her long, flowing locks but of course, she looks amazing.

Voluminous, shiny, bright blond, her bouncy blow-out is giving me all the hair envy and I'm seriously contemplating chopping my own hair.

It has been suggested that Blake's new look is a wig or her hair is tucked in for one night only, with Rod Ortega, her go-to stylist sharing the look on this page.

He might have used hairpins to create a fake 'lob' because when you look at it closely, it's difficult to tell whether or not the ends have been rolled under.

Whether this is the real deal or just a temporary change, there's no denying that Blake looks absolutely amazing.


Also the make-up, courtesy of celebrity MUA Patrick Ta, simply stunning. The bold red lipstick is the perfect accompaniment to her slick white suit.

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